Popping Corn


We stopped importing kernels for our famous kettle corn and grew our own, because nothing beats farm fresh from the source. Now you can pop our kernels at home how you like them best

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We believe everyone deserves to know where their food comes from, and nothing beats farm fresh where it was grown. That’s why we stopped importing corn for our famous kettle corn and started to grow our own, working with the challenges of our Canadian climate to bring you our finest “mushroom” kernels for you to pop at home how you like. That’s right, our kernels are something different from the “butterfly” kernels you’ll find in grocery stores. A larger percentage of our kernels pop with balloon-shaped puffs and fewer wing-shaped puffs, perfect for making your own kettle or candied corn, and not the least bit less ideal for your easy bowl of buttered popcorn. Taste the difference of popcorn from the source.

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