Explore the Woods

Part 2: Explore the Woods

Meander along the remainder of the trail at your own pace…

The Lumberjack Shack

Pick a partner, and test your teamwork with our two-person saw — the pride and joy of the North American lumberjack.

Sap Line Maze

Stop at ‘forks in the road’ or ‘branches in the path’. Answer the questions correctly and your path will be revealed. 

Modern Sap Ladder Pipeline System

Ever wonder how we defy gravity to transport our sap through pipes from the forest, uphill to the holding tank?

Wingspan Measure

Step up and test your arm’s reach against the wingspans of local birds, from the tiny barn owl to the mighty blue heron. You won’t know to which you’ll compare until you try.

Keep a Lookout!

An excellent chance to spot resident wildlife who call the Sugar Bush home

When your Trek ends is up to you! Head back to the farm for more maple fun…

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