Discover Maple Tour

Discover Maple Tour

We believe something this good and this rare deserves to be celebrated all year.

One Hour Journey

Beneath the iconic maple leaves of the “off-season” sugar bush, witness how in our four generations of sugar-making, we still craft our syrup 100% pure and simple.


The modern world of maple syrup production, the traditions that have survived the centuries, and the innovations that make today’s farms thrive.

Our Sugar Maker is setting aside time to take you deep into the character and complexity of 100% Pure Maple Syrup.

Ask Your Toughest Maple Questions

What’s the science that causes maple syrup to get darker and stronger later in the season?

Why is maple syrup production often compared to wine?

How does the soil make Ontario maple syrup unique?

The Tour

Start out in our Sugar Shack, the hub of maple production

Join your guide on a wagon ride to the heart of the forest

Venture along our groomed walking trails with our expert Sugar Maker

Take shade under the mighty maples for a legendary sugar bush treat — Taffy-on-Snow — a winter tradition we can’t let you miss 

Finish the tour with a maple syrup tasting in our Maple Sweet Shop and see how we use maple beyond the breakfast table

Add a Country Picnic to enjoy a rustic lunch of authentic Canadian specialties after your tour

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