Sugar Bush Trek

Welcome Back to the Sugar Bush!

Let our family take your family into the heart of our working sugar bush.

The Tour

We’ve split your Sugar Bush Trek into two unique portions for a perfect balance of education and enjoyment.

Part 1: Your Guided Portion

Follow in our sugar-maker’s footsteps as your guide leads you through the re-imagined Native and Pioneer Camps of Maple Syrup’s rich history, solves your maple mysteries, and sets you on your own exploration to experience the best adventures of the sugar bush.

Relive the legend of maple syrup’s discovery!

Part 2: Explore the Woods

After the guided portion, test your hand at pioneer wood-cutting and bring home a souvenir from your visit. Savour the sweet difference of Maple Syrup, warmed up, oozed over snow, and rolled on a stick — Taffy-on-Snow a must-have, sugar bush tradition.

When your Trek ends is up to you!

💫 NEW IN 2022 💫

Maple Products Sample Kit
After your tour, find a cozy bench along the trail or a spot at a one of our secluded picnic tables to sample White Meadows Farms best and brightest…

Four Flavours of Maple Syrup

Red Pepper Maple Jelly
Maple Herb Dressing
Original Maple BBQ Sauce
Gourmet Maple Mustard

Things to Know:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times. Read our complete Covid-19 Policy here.
  • Dress warm and give yourself a minimum of 1½ hours to enjoy your tour and explore the trails at your
  • Portable washrooms are available for you on the Sugar Bush Trek.
  • Our trails are stroller-friendly! Sport models or styles with larger wheels are recommended; fold-up, umbrella style strollers are not.
  • Do bring your camera. There’s lots of family photobook moments and chance wildlife encounters to be had on your Sugar Bush Trek! 
  • Many natural critters call our sugar bush home. For their comfort, pets and smoking are not permitted in the Sugar Bush
  • For complete farm rules and tour policies, click here

Coming as a Group for the Sugar Bush Trek?

If your group is 24 people or less, you are welcome to join us any time that our wagons operate (10am to 3pm). To monitor our wagon capacity, single bookings are limited to 6 people per booking.

To book for more than 6 people at one time, select  “+ Add Another Activity” on your cart page. You will be redirected back to choose your time slot where you can add additional guests. Each booking must have at least 1 Adult. Do this for as many bookings needed for your group size up to 24 people. 

Please keep in mind that there may be other people who have booked seats at the same time slot, so capacity may be limited. If this is the case, please select another time. 

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