Country Picnic Lunch

Country Picnic Lunch

Weekends–Starting as soon as we can (because you know…the lockdown and all)!

What’s in the Basket?

Sandwich Options


Slow roasted drug free Ham on a multigrain ciabatta or gluten free bun with cream cheese, maple smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and red onion with White Meadows Farms maple mustard and maple onion jam


Oven roasted, drug free Turkey with fresh made guacamole, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and Swiss cheese on a multigrain ciabatta or gluten-free bun with mayo and White Meadows Farms maple red pepper jelly


Vegetarian – Fresh lettuce, tomato, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, red onion and roasted red pepper with hummus, provolone cheese and White Meadows Farms maple onion jam in a whole wheat wrap or
raw-gluten-free wrap

Sandwiches and Garden Salad brought to you by our friends at Nature’s Corner Bakery & Cafe

Choose The Perfect Spot For Your Picnic

Creek Side

Enjoy this secluded area next to the head waters of the Twelve Mile Creek.  Hidden behind our Lodge this area is visited often by the local White Tail Deer.  Across the Creek is our open grassy pasture. The low lying land is sheltered by the prevailing winds even on a blustery day.

Fire Side

Behind our Maple Sweet Shop is where you’ll find our fire pit.  With chairs to lounge and a table to eat, it’s great for the family.  At this spot you can add a campfire to your day.

Pond View

An easy going spot to enjoy the open fields of the country side and hear the croak of the frogs beside our farm pond.  This area is a short walk from our Maple Sweet Shop with views of our Sugar Bush in the distance.

Under the Maple

What better way to enjoy a maple inspired picnic than under the tree it comes from?  This spot is nestled on top of the hill beside the Maple Lodge.  Keep cool in the shade on a hot day as the wind flows through the trees. 

Choose Your Own Spot

The classic setup with a blanket and our vast open area around the farm, choose the perfect picnic spot for you.



Gift a Picnic!

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