Maple Sugar


100% Pure Maple Sugar crafted pure and simple from our maple syrup

Our all natural maple sugar is crafted pure and simple from 100% Pure Maple Syrup. The syrup is boiled until only the sugar remains, and then hand-sifted with no added ingredients or tampering to give it its fine, powdery texture that’s between a white sugar and confectionery sugar. Its increasing popularity as a more nutritional replacement for refined white sugars and the hints of maple it brings to dishes makes it an ideal compliment to marinades, glazes, sauces and baking. Enhance desserts and snacks when you sprinkle pure maple sugar over steamy oatmeal, cereals, fruits, breads and cakes. Our sugar dissolves completely in most hot or cold beverages for a guilt-free sweetener in your daily drink. Because of pure maple sugar’s unique character, start with 1/2 the called for amount of sugar in a recipe when you substitute with maple sugar. Taste, and only add more maple sugar if you feel it is needed.

Our 110g sugar is sealed in a plastic sack and decoratively contained in an old-fashioned cloth bag, tethered with brown-fibre twine for a natural country look. A traditional sugar bush scene of a pioneer and his maple syrup pots is featured on the bag’s front.

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20g, 110g, 227g, 500g, 5kg

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