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Hi, I’m Sara from White Meadows Farms 👋 Normally I’m working on stuff like business development, marketing and sales but since I had a baby at the beginning of this year (yes, she’s very cute), I’ve been laying a little bit lower and doing fun stuff like making maple treats at home. Of course I have to share this amazing recipe for an easy and refreshing Maple Iced Coffee just as we roll into summer ☀️ 

If you live in Ontario (or planet Earth in general) you’ve probably been missing your loved ones and concerts for wayyy longer than you thought 📉. Luckily it seems like brighter days are finally within reach! If you plan to safely gather with friends and family this summer, maple iced coffee makes the perfect addition to any hot summer day. 

Sweetened iced coffee is nothing new but using maple syrup as the dose of sweetness is a healthier, more flavourful option. There are few things more annoying to me than the gritty taste of white sugar swirling around in a cold drink, so I’ve always opted for either a simple syrup or honey if available. I was inspired to use maple syrup in my iced coffee after watching my husband** drink his morning coffee day after day with a generous dollop of maple syrup.

**Victor moved to Canada in 2013 from Sao Paulo, Brazil… surprisingly he has been enjoying maple syrup in his coffee long before I even started working in the maple biz  #truemaplefan  #reasonhemovedtocanada 

Ok, enough with the backstory. Here’s how I make Maple Iced Coffee — something I do almost every afternoon as a pick-me-up. For me, this new job title of Mom requires an extra boost of caffeine to make it to bedtime… 


  • 5-6 Coffee Cubes or Ice Cubes
    Pour leftover coffee into ice cube trays and store in the freezer!
  • 1-2 tbsp Maple Syrup
    I prefer to use Golden for a subtler flavour, but feel free to use any syrup you’d like depending on your preferred maple taste
  • Splash of Milk, if desired
    I keep almond milk at home, but you can use regular milk or even cream for added decadence
  • Chilled Coffee or Cold Brew
    I make a pot of coffee every couple of days and keep it in the fridge. For EVEN MORE MAPLE, try with Old Time Maple Coffee. Otherwise, we LOVE “Change” Blend from 416 Coffee Co. “Change” is a White Meadows Farms favourite, we brew this in the office at the farm when we’re not working from home #supportlocal. If you have a bit more time to prepare, you could also make your own cold brew like in this NY Times Recipe.


In a glass, add ice cubes followed by maple syrup and a splash of milk. Top up with chilled coffee and give it a good stir. Sit back and enjoy the sweet combination of deep maple and coffee flavours while you ponder the rest of your afternoon.

💕Pairing suggestion: Maple Butter Tarts

We made this Instagram Reel a couple of weeks ago — maybe you watched it. If not, head to our profile to see me building a maple iced coffee in reeltime 🎬 

Tag @whitemeadowsfarms and show us how you’re using maple syrup this summer! 🍁

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