Curriculum Highlights

All School Tours include a presentation in our “Sugar Shack“, a tractor-pulled wagon ride to the Sugar Bush and Maple Taffy on Snow!

Toddler to SK

Our Pre “K” to Senior Kindergarten outdoor experiential school program is custom made to match the attention span and learning personality of your little explorers. Following a blast of fun on our tractor-pulled wagon, traversing open farmland to the edge of the maple forest, your class’s expert program interpreter will lead the young maple connoisseurs into our genuine sugar bush for an interactive discovery of maple syrup’s mysterious wonders. Beneath the mesmerizing mammoth trees, your class will uncover how the watery sap from the tree becomes the sweet 100% Pure Maple Syrup they adore on their pancakes. 

Grade 1 to High School

Our Grade One to High School outdoor experiential school programs are curriculum-based to meet your students where they’re at with an array of programs geared to compliment topics of Science and Technology and Social Studies. After a chug-of-a-ride aboard our tractor-pulled wagon, your class will disembark on an interactive journey of discovery into our working Carolinian sugar bush. 100% Pure Maple Syrup is far more than just a sweet delight on their pancakes, and we’re proud to empower your class to dig their roots deep in understanding the depth of this Canadian icon — far beyond its tree-to-table life. 

What You’ll Learn About…

Modern Method of Maple Syrup Production

Sap to Syrup Process

Science of the Maple Tree

Ecosystem of the Carolinian Forest

Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee Discovery of Maple Syrup

1600’s-1700’s Pioneer Life and the maple syrup process

1800’s Industrial Revolution and the maple syrup process

ProgramCurriculum Requirements
PreschoolToddlers to SK – Sap to Syrup
Science & Technology
Sustainability & Stewardship
Systems & Interactions
Grades 1 to 3 – Growth & Changes
Grade 4 – Habitats and Communities
Grade 7 – Interactions in the Environment
Grade 8 – Systems & Interactions

Social Studies
Heritage & Identity
Grade 2 – Changing Family & Community Traditions
Grade 5 – First Nations & Europeans in Early Canada
Grade 6 – Communities in Canada, Past & Present
HistoryGrade 8 – Canada, A Changing Society
GeographyGrade 7 – Natural Resources