How many parents/volunteers/chaperones can join the class?

As long as the total number of people does not exceed the maximum capacity of your booking, you can bring as many additional participants as you wish. A single group can host up to 35 people, a double group can host up to 70 people.

⭐ Check with the teacher or secretary who booked the tour to find out the maximum number of people that we can host with your booking. If a parent wishes to join their child on a tour, it is up to the teacher or secretary who set up the booking to ensure that there is space available. There are no public spots available for parents to purchase tickets separately on the day of the tour.

Why is the tour capacity limited to 35 or 70 people?

Since our wagon only has 35 seats, we can only transport up to 35 people at one time. We can host up to 70 people by splitting up groups between 2 tour guides and making 2 wagon trips out to the Sugar Bush. This also allows for more manageable group sizes for our tour guides to provide the best overall experience.

What if I have more than 70 people that I wish to bring on a trip to the Sugar Bush?

It is advisable to split groups larger than 70 people between 2 time slots -OR- 2 different days.

Example: 110 participants can be split into 2 groups of 55 participants. The first group can arrive at 10:00am and the second group can arrive at 12:00pm – OR – 55 participants join us on Monday at 10:00am and the other 55 participants join us on Tuesday at 10:00am.

Why is the base price higher for the Pancake Snack and why is there an additional charge per person?

The time required to set up the space and make the pancakes remains the same regardless of how many participants are booked; So we’ve set up the base price to be able to cover this cost and charge less per person for each pancake portion, syrup container and juice box.

Can each person pay separately on the day of the tour?

We only accept one payment on your final invoice. Your booking cannot be split up into multiple payments.

What happens in the case of inclement weather?

School Programs run rain, snow or shine. However, high winds, heavy rain, or thunderstorms may cause us to close the Sugar Bush. If this happens, we will work with you to either cancel or reschedule your tour.

How should students prepare to dress for the weather?

Your time will be spent outdoors, please make sure you and your students are dressed properly for the weather. Our tours run rain or shine so boots and umbrellas are sometimes a good idea.  Be sure to check out the weather report the day before.

Are there any allergens that we should be aware of?

Students may encounter hay and/or straw while at our farm. Our production kitchen and bottling area are nut free.

Do you have a restaurant?

We no longer operate a restaurant here at the farm, the Pancake House closed in 2015.

Can we get pancakes?

We are now offering a Pancake Snack add-on for you and your students! This add-on requires an additional 30 minutes of time allowed for your visit to our farm.

What are the rules for take-home orders from whitemeadowsfarms.com?

Each class will receive a special coupon code created just for the date of your tour. Coupon codes will be sent out about 2-3 weeks before the tour date. This unique code will apply a 10% discount in our online store with minimum $10 purchase and will arrange for products to be sent home with your class on the day of their tour.

Visit our online store to place an order: https://whitemeadowsfarms.com/shop/

When completing your order, please include a note in the Checkout Page that states:

  1. Child’s Name
  2. Child’s Teacher’s Name
  • The coupon code can only be used in our online store until 8:00am on the day of your child’s tour.
  • The coupon cannot be used in-person in the Maple Sweet Shop
  • Minimum purchase of $10 to receive 10% off with coupon code ONLINE ONLY. Orders of less than $10 will be processed as curbside pickup and sent home with your child, however no discount will be applied. 
  • Any products labeled “Pickup/Delivery” and/or “Pickup Only” cannot be sent home with your child as all of these items require refrigeration
  • When applying the coupon code to your cart, “School Pickup” will automatically be applied as the shipping method
  • This coupon code cannot be used with any other shipping method including Local Delivery. Orders placed for any other shipping method will not be processed.